I wanted to try and put together something for the “other” Norwegian Air route to Green Airport in Providence, Rhode Island.
So check out this absolute whopper of a price for a family of 4 to head away in peak July holiday time to the East coast of the USA for a mini road trip!!
2 nights in Rhode Island itself in real proper America (away from the tourist trap!), before heading to the metropolis that is Boston MA.
Quality hotels included for a family of 4 AND a car to get you all around!
This would be a great price at the best of times … but mid-July??!!
Think about a family of 4 visiting a sunshine spot like Spain for a week in July and the average total cost would be £2K … so this is an unreal alternative!
Dammmmnnn #NInja!!
Sat 8th July – Fri 14th July
Belfast Intl to Providence
Out – 1545 – 1820
Home – 2130 – 0920 (+1)
Flight cost – £232pp
(via Norwegian Air)
*note this fare is the basic fare with hand luggage only and no meal on the plane.
However if you had to bring baggage (id imagine you would!) you could easily get away with checking 2 of the fares with the next level that included 2 x checked bags and meals.
This would mean that the cost would only be £90pp x 2 more / £180 total more #NInjaskillz
Car Hire:
Fullsize car – includes 2 named drivers
Pick up at 7pm 8th July
Leave off at 6pm 14th July
Car hire cost – £250
(via Alamo Brits website – smaller / larger cars available)
Hotel examples:
Hampton Inn & Suites – 2 nights
Downtown Providence
3 star – avg rating of 9.1
Room cost – £346
(via Expedia)
Omni Parker House – 4 nights
Downtown Boston
4 star – avg rating of 8.5
Room cost – £825
(Via Expedia)
Flights – £232pp + Car hire £62pp (£250/4) + Prov Hotel £87pp (£346/4) + Boston Hotel £206pp (£825/4) = £587pp
*prices correct at time of posting, based on 2 adults & 2 kids (under 12)