The Holiday NInja

Holiday Offers from Northern Ireland

About NInja

The Holiday NInja has arrived ….

Trained for years by The Chief Holiday NInja GrandMaster, The Holiday NInja uses all his sneaky flight and holiday finding skills to locate serious value for Northern Ireland holidaymakers.

Who doesn’t love checking out special offer holiday deals in windows of travel agents?! Well The Holiday NInja saves you the hassle of leaving the house by keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest holiday & flight offers out of wee Norn Iron.

The Holiday NInja is NOT a travel agent, more a Deal Hunter – the offers and prices are correct at time of posting and, as with anything at low costs, will not last long – so be like The NInja, get in fast, book and get out!

Who knows – when you are on your flight or holiday, The Holiday NInja may be there as well …. But you will never see him!

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8 thoughts on “About NInja

  1. I think your deals are fantastic – keep up the great work !
    As Mr Miyagi says ” man who catch fly with chopstick , accomplish anything “

    Liked by 1 person

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