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Holiday Offers MUST go on!!


NInja Statement …

The world is in a state of flux currently and there is no industry suffering as bad as Travel.
We had a social media comment the other day asking why we were “advertising holidays at a time like this” and we thought we would answer it in public here.
Whilst we appreciate that the current situation around the world is a serious unprecedented threat there are a lot of people who work in travel that are feeling the brunt more than others.
This WILL pass and holidays and trips away will become more of a necessity for people who could feel that they NEED to get away and it is for these reasons that we continue to promote and show off the super offers that are online at¬†– its our job to do this #belikeaNInja …
Remember … ALL the holidays that are provided to Holiday NInja are bookable through a LOCAL travel company which means your booking is safe and secure – and a LOT of them have LOW deposit options for bookings well in advance #planahead
These same companies are working tirelessly around the clock at present to help customers with re-bookings and cancellations and it is The Holiday NInja’s responsibility to assist them in raising awareness of some of the quite frankly (incredibly!) priced holiday deals they have at present … there has maybe never been a better time to look at future value holiday offers!
Understandably the next 3-4 weeks may be off limits for a break away for you, BUT if you are wanting to get away this Summer, Autumn, Winter or even next year in 2021 then we suggest you get over to and have a look at the amazing value on offer (before the prices go up!) – you won’t regret it!
Many thanks
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