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ninja-wheel Junior #NInjaVerdict – Menorca, Spain

My name is Lyla and I am 10 years old. I went on holiday with my Mum, Dad, older brother, Auntie, Uncle and 2 cousins to Menorca in Spain for a week’s holiday and I loved it. Here’s what I got up to!

Day 1 – We woke up at about 3am to catch a very early flight from Belfast International.  We got checked in and through security quickly and got to the shops to spend some holiday money! The plane was on time and we had a great quick flight over to Menorca.

The hotel wasn’t too far from the airport and was in the resort of Punta Prima. The hotel looked awesome. Our room was really big and it had a great view of the pool from the balcony!

The weather was so hot! We were boiled when we arrived so jumped into the pool to cool us down. We played in there all day until dinner. There were lots of restaurants and we had a lovely meal and then after we went for a quick walk at night. There was a small shop that sold crepes and ice lollies. It is a fairly quiet place but I think there was enough to keep me occupied for the week!

Day 2– Pool day! We played with sinkies (things that you throw in the water and you dive to get them) and threw some balls around the pool pretty much all day. It was very tiring. We only stopped for a quick lunch break in the apartment. If you are going into a tiled pool, I`d recommend wearing footwear! My toes were sore with all the playing.

The hotel had a pool bar with ice creams and ice lollies (and beers and sangria for the adults!). We went here a lot! There was also a kids play area for younger children, an air hockey table, a pool table and a ping pong table that my brother and dad played on. My Dad said he won but I am not too sure! We went out for food again at night. All restaurants have kids menus. I am allergic to peanuts but none of the restaurants had an issue with this. I loved Spaghetti and had it a LOT!!

Day 3 – We went for a walk into another town. It wasn’t too far away but it was really warm. 38 degrees. The town had a beautiful view and a lovely little harbour and people were all out paddleboarding and on their boats. Sadly, there were no shops for me to spend my holiday money so we had to walk back. On the way back we stopped off at a bar which was right next to the water park. We didn’t go to the water park as it was very busy, and anyway we loved our own Hotel pool. Dad realised that there is a fun train that connects all the local towns. That might have been better than walking!

There are a number of supermarkets in our town and you can get everything you need for your holiday. We got fresh baguettes every day for our lunch. I loved the Lays crisps! My dad loved the San Miguel beer and my Mum loved the Don Simon Sangria! In the resort you can also hire out paddleboards, kayaks and electric bikes.

Day 4 – Beach day. It was very warm again. We hired out some beds and a parasol at the beach. We spent most of the time building sandcastles with our buckets. We ended up building a very big one decorated in shells and rocks that my brother and little cousin collected for us with a beach sieve. Some of the shells had cool designs. My uncle, dad and brother took out snorkels and dove down in the water and said that they saw loads of fish. Some of the fish even came up close to them!  After the beach we were so warm, so we went to get ice cream. The local restaurants had lots of delicious fish dishes. Maybe they caught them at the beach?

Day 5 – Pool day 2. We had lots of fun in the pool again and went on some of the floats and lilos which was super fun! The parents had a great time too chilling by the pool and reading books. Dad and my brother threw the ball around and played cricket on the grass. There was lots of space in the hotel and it was never too crowded. There was a football pitch and also basketball right beside our hotel but it was far too warm to play there! We ate at a nice restaurant right on the beach that night. The pizzas were lovely. There was also a small market at the beach with some stalls that night. I bought some bracelets and got a hair braid. I also talked my Mum into getting one!

Day 6 – Trip to Mahon – Mahon is the main city of Menorca. It was only 20 minutes away by bus. The bus leaves every hour. We went there for a trip and had a great time. It is much bigger and more lively than our resort. There was a big market on. There were bracelets, football shirts, jewellery, shoes and many more things. The city had lots of shops and cafes and we could have spent a couple of days there. The city has a big harbour and we saw a massive cruise ship parked there. We stopped for a drink and my brother and mum got crepes. It was a great day and we were very tired when we got back to the hotel. We played some Uno on the balcony before going to sleep.

Day 7 – Our last full day. We got our last minute presents for our friends and family. We played at the pool and walked up to an old castle at the top of the town. We saw great views across to the Lighthouse island nearby. On our way back we found a brilliant Ice-Cream shop. I had a lovely lemon sorbet and my brother had an Oreo ice cream. After dinner we went down to the beach in the dark and had a paddle. It was really fun. My brother went and bought another crepe with Nutella. It was a great last day.

Day 8 – Home day. We were packed up and ready to go home in the morning. The transfers were really quick and the airport check in and security moved really fast. The airport wasn’t massive but had a couple of good shops and restaurants. Our flight left on time and we arrived back in Northern Ireland in the early afternoon.

I loved my holiday away to Menorca. It was great for our family and I cant wait to go back again some day!

Next time my Mum and Dad said we would do some more exploring and maybe hire a car to travel round the island as there is lots to see.

The beach area which was close by
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