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The NInja Verdict

ninja-wheel #NInja Review – Destination: Wroclaw, Poland

With Ryanair expanding their routes all over Europe, Poland is being increasingly used for a CityBreak destination.

However, whilst many immediately think of, and rush to try and get flights to, the more popular cities like Krakow – the hidden gem of Wroclaw can be a much more cost effective alternative!


Wroclaw is the largest City in Western Poland and is approx. a 2hr 30 min flight from Belfast.

Getting There:

Ryanair offer direct flights from Belfast International Airport on a Friday and Monday giving you the (realistic) option of a 3 day long weekend, or a 4 day midweek break.

Taxis from the airport to the City Centre take about 25 mins and cost approx. 60PLN (roughly £13)


There are several good value centrally located hotels in or near the City Centre.
However, the best value options tend to be the self-catering apartments / serviced apartments.

Any reputable hotel site / comparison site will give you all the options but an average cost for 3 nights can be as little as £80 total room cost!


The temperature in Poland can be quite similar to Northern Ireland – with maybe a little more chance of snow in the deep winter months.

The #NInja visited in early March and it was surprisingly mild with a temperature of 8-9 degrees. However in the summer months it is known to average in the mid-20s.

Things To Do:

There is a lot on offer to fill your time in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw Zoo is the largest and oldest zoo in Poland (5th biggest in Europe) whilst The Sky Tower is the tallest structure in Poland at 212m and worth a visit.

There are several shooting ranges for any visitors that want to get rid of that pent up aggression.

And of course there are many museums and areas of historical and cultural significance if you wish to soak up that Polish culture.

Of course THE big tourism draw is the entertainment and nightlife of the City with a lot of bars and nightclubs to take your pick from – the main Market Square is the big area for all these sort of places.

Food & Drink:

Poland is well known for being exceptionally good value for food and drink – not quite “cheap as chips” but not far off if you shop smart! J

Loads of restaurants and places to eat around the centre of the city – with loads of choice on offer it’s hard to choose!!

BUT if you are a steak lover, get yourself to PRIME GRILL in the main Market Square, a top #NInja spot!

Recommended for:

Couples and / or groups (stag / hen parties)

#NInja Tip:

Book flights well in advance for as little as £30 return!! Generally the earlier you book the better with Ryanair!

This is one of those destinations that people haven’t really twigged onto yet – that’s why the flight prices are so good!!