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ninja-wheel New Years Eve – where are the most #NInjatastic destinations???

New Years Eve is arguably the biggest party night of the year – but which cities, if money was no object, does The Holiday NInja rate as the TOP 5 worldwide destinations to ring the New Year in

New York City

Still the “daddy” of New Years Eve – Times Square, ticker tape raining down, fireworks, the famous Ball Drop – NYC has it all! Approx 1 million people fill the streets of Manhattan with live music concerts, dazzling lights and nonstop energy! Be warned though, hotel costs can be ASTRONOMICAL for that evening so plan ahead, shop around and find yourself a decent price (or just stay out ALL night!) for the biggest party of the year


Whilst it maybe a good distance away, experiencing the Australian New Year on, and around, Sydney harbour is one of those life bucket list moments everyone should experience. Get your camera ready – with one of THE most iconic firework displays around the whole world with stunning backdrops, be one of the first to see midnight in by spending time in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Oh the Aussies know how to party alright ..


For a UK CityBreak, this Scottish City has always been known for its vibrant nightlife … but on New Years Eve it steps it up a level with concerts, street festivals and all the MANY pubs and clubs pushing the boat out to celebrate the end of the year … or should that be Hogmany?

And best of all, its only 45 mins away on a flight from Belfast


Iceland is one of the most popular destinations for a short break these days – and is easily accessible from Belfast. On New Years Eve, the whole city band together to put on a super fireworks display and party at 11.35pm on the button!! And then as soon as thats over, its into the many pubs and clubs to dance and sing the night away. But be warned, the “Black Death” shot (a tribal mixture of hard core alcohol) and “Fermented Shark” (a local delicacy) may be too much for you and end your night early – bring a sick bag just in case!


The German capital city is known for its “party culture” any day of the week, however on New Years Eve the City goes crazy!! Instead of singing “Auld Lang Syne” when the clock strikes 12am, everyone in Berlin piles out to the streets to witness one of the biggest firework displays around – you will get a sore neck the amount of time you spend looking up to the sky! And of course, once that finishes, its back into the clubs to party well into the early hours