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ninja-wheel #NInja Review: Causeway Lounge at Belfast International Airport

So you are off on your summer holidays to somewhere sunny and hot and you are flying out of Belfast International Airport

Its peak holiday season and the airport can be a frantic, busy place. There’s queues at the bar, it’s hot, you’re looking around for a free seat, but really, you just want to chill out and relax before your flight. If this sounds like you, then I definitely suggest you book into the Causeway Lounge at BIA. It’s easy to book online and at £25 per adult and £14 per child its great value, with an unlimited supply of complimentary food and drinks.

The lounge overlooks the runway and can be a great spot for all you budding airplane-spotters. It’s not as spacious as some lounges you might find in other international airports, however, it does have a great coziness about it that others don’t have. On entry, you are greeted by the lounge staff. There’s a relaxing atmosphere and automatically you feel a hundred miles away from the craziness of a main airport terminal. It was lovely to be able to sit on a nice comfy seat/sofa and watch TV, rather than the hard steel terminal seats. There’s also free Wi-Fi, so this #Ninja was able to do a wee bit of work before jetting off on travels.

The main selling point for the lounge is the complimentary food and drink on offer. In BIA’s Causeway Lounge, the food choice was more than half-decent. There is the usual selection of cheeses and pastries like croissants and some cakes (I highly recommend the lemon drizzle- It was a particular delight). If you fancy something a little heartier, there was a wonderful tomato and herb soup which really hit the spot, tasty chicken caesar wraps, and scrumptious freshly baked scones. There is also a selection of NI’s finest Tayto crisps in a variety of flavors, make sure you grab a bag! There is a good selection of complimentary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages on offer. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are unlimited and will help get you in the perfect mind frame for a long or short haul flight.

One thing I would say is be wary of your flight departure times as no flight announcements are made in the lounge. There are 2 flight info screens, though, if you are sitting away from one of them it can be easy to get caught up in the relaxing nature of the lounge and lose track of time.

Overall, the NInja was very impressed by the Causeway Lounge at Belfast International Airport. If you at the airport for more than 60-90 mins before a flight, then I would recommend taking advantage of what’s on offer. Whether travelling solo, or with friends or family, you can pre-book the lounge HERE on the BIA website, or you can also pay at the door. However, depending on number of passengers I suggest you’re better booking ahead to fully guarantee entry.

Causeway Lounge at BIA
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