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When visiting Orlando, Florida (USA) there is a tendency to go with the two theme park mammoths of Walt Disney World and/or Universal Orlando. However, if you have been to Orlando before, you will know that this barely scratches the surface of what is on offer.
So on a recent visit to the Sunshine State, the #NInja decided to give some of the other parks / attractions in the area a blast and see how they fair in comparison!


SeaWorld is probably best known for its world famous shows (in particular the whale shows) but in reality is a fantastic theme park with plenty of other animal experiences and heart pounding rides that will entertain all the family.

This particular #NInja loves his roller coaster action and Seaworld has not one, not two, but THREE that are as good as anything around ….

Mako – Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster. Mako takes you 200 feet high at 73 mph and really blows your socks off. If you have been on the front row of this coaster than the “best rollercoaster in Orlando” discussion is a redundant argument. An incredible thrill ride that you will want to ride again and again!

Kraken – Billed as “Orlando’s only floorless roller coaster” this has been Seaworld Orlando’s staple thrill ride for almost 20 years! This will be a thrill seekers dream as it takes you at highway speeds to 150 feet high.

Manta – The coaster that turns you into a giant ray! You fly head first and face down through a nerve wracking coaster experience. This is a NInja favourite and one all adrenalin junkies shouldn’t miss as you get the chance to feel what it would be like to fly!

Jourrney to Atlantis – If you love water rides this one is definitely for you. A log flume ride that finishes with a waterfall that plunges you into the waters below. You WILL get wet (but not completely soaked) and luckily, Orlando gets the good weather to dry you off fairly quickly after this ride!

Antarctica: Empire of the Penquin -This is a motion based simulator ride that transports you to the icy world of Antarctica and you experience it through the eyes of a penguin called Puck. Two options to choose from, you can choose from either the mild or wild ride. This NInja will always go for the wild however the mild option is there and is exactly the same ride but without any spins.
At the end of this ride you get to experience a real penguin colony in cool temperatures. Although warning, you will get a shock … you might need a coat!

Turtle Trek – This is a 3D 360 degree theatre experience where you find out what it’s like to be a turtle. Like you havent always wanted to know!?!

Sky Tower – This is an icon in the SeaWorld Orlando Park as it’s been in the park from it opened in 1974. The tower takes you up 400 feet and gives you a birds eye view of Orlando during the leisurely ride. Bring your camera for some great park wide shots!!

Seaworld Shows:

Once Ocean – This is SeaWorld’s signature killer whale show known the world over.
This show takes all guests on a journey into the world of the killer whale. Its an awe-inspiring show where you get to witness the power and grace of the killer whales. This NInja recommends you sit in the soak zone to get the full experience of this show … sure you will dry off easy enough!!

Dolphin Days This show will entertain, inspire and educate all the family as you get an up close look at the relationships they have with their trainers. The show also includes tropical birds. Try to get in early to get good seat though!

Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High – Lots of fun audience interaction in this show.
It’s full of fun, laughter, education and the big personalities of sea lions, walruses and otters – if you dont laugh at some point during this then you need a new funny bone!

There are also lots of walk through exhibits as you go round the park – including:
Pacific Point Reserve – Sea lions and seals.
Shark Encounter – Walk through the shark aquariums.
Dolphin Cove – Poolside and underwater view of SeaWorld’s bottlenose dolphins.
Stingray Lagoon – Another NInja favourite, this is your chance to pet a stingray!

SeaWorld Orlando is a wonderful theme park, with its relaxed atmosphere, wide array of rides, animals and shows there will be something to suit all the family no matter the age.

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#NInja Conclusion
In summary, the choice on offer with these parks is certainly comparable to the Disney and Universal products. There is so much variety in what they can offer, and whilst they may not have the polished shine or magic of Disney, they will more than fill your day with bundles of hours of fun for kids and adults alike.

The best value ticket for visiting these parks is the 3-Park Seaworld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens Ticket, or the Discovery Cove Ultimate Package. The 3-Park ticket offering 14 days unlimted entry to those 3 parks when guests book and visit before 31 December 2019. Tickets also include free parking at the 3 Parks.

The Discovery Cove Ultimate Package includes a one day reservation at Discovery Cove (with 30 min dolphin swim experience, all meals, snacks and beverages included) plus 14 days unlimited entry to Seaworld, Busch Gardens and Aquantcia Orlando

The biggest selling point however is the ticket price – offering you entry to Seaworld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens for 14 consecutive days from only £110 per adult or £106 per child. This stacks up very well against the more premium priced Disney and Universal ticket entry and allows for many repeat visits over 2 weeks.

For more information on Seaworld Paks please visit http://www.seaworldparks.co.uk or for ticket purchases, visit http://www.attraction-tickets-direct.co.uk – or why not visit your local #NInja travel agency who can help plan your perfect Orlando holiday.

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