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ninja-wheel #NInja Verdict – Siam Park, Tenerife

OK, I have to admit it…the NInja REALLY loves a water park, in fact its one of the criteria we have when we book a summer holiday, is asking our travel advisor to make sure there is a water park nearby!

We had also heard of Siam Park and this helped us make the choice of choosing Tenerife for our family of 4’s summer holiday.
The kids / boys, aged 12 and 9 had done quite a bit of homework on Siam Park before we left, telling me it was rated the no.1 water park in the world, so we all had high expectations. We were not to be disappointed!

Siam Park is situated to the South of the Island, we were staying in Costa Adeje and it was a 10 Euro transfer to the park from there. We went on a Friday in early July for the park opening at 10am.

Getting in and paying was a very smooth and hassle free process! There were plenty of staff at the entrance and despite it being busy it did not take long at all getting in.

Well, despite being handed a map we did our usual and headed randomly off in any direction!

Our first ride we came across was The Dragon, and it really set the tone for the day and it was probably our favourite ride. It was the perfect mixture of adrenaline and fun, I don’t think we have all laughed as much together at the same time ever! It was perfect for us as we could all sit together on the raft/dinghy to enjoy the experience, we of course got soaked and slightly scared, the perfect combination.

We did everything in the park (except for one, which we will come to later) so I would like to pick out some of my particular favourites on the day. The Naga Racer was incredible and exhilarating coming face first down the slide on the blue mats, holding very tightly onto the handles! As soon as we had finished we all ran straight back up to queue again!

Kinnaree was also fast, furious and great fun, again all experienced together as a family!

We would also recommend the Lazy River, which flowed all around the park and you could hop on and hop off at various points, going at a much more sedate pace!

Now, the only ride we didn’t do was the Tower of Power, and that was by choice! None of us could quite summon up the courage to do the solo vertical drop feet first, but the people at the bottom we saw and spoke too that did have the courage seemed to love the experience, they were certainly much braver than us!

Halfway through the day we stopped off for food at the Beach Club, were we had some Hamburgers and fries. It was good food and not over-priced, set beside some fantastic scenery. There were other places to eat with a wide range of choices to suit all tastes. There is also a very good general ‘water play’ area for the younger children, perfect for burning off yet more of their energy!

It cost 128 Euros for a family of 4 – this included all the rides and we stayed from 10am until 4.30pm, a full day of family fun.

We thoroughly enjoyed Siam Park and we would definitely recommend everyone who comes to Tenerife to go to. It has something for all ages not just for families …. 5 x NInja Stars from me!

NInja TIP: Definitely get a locker, everything you have will get soaked, it only actually costs you 3 Euros as you get money back when you hand in your key!

Also, don’t worry if you don’t want to purchase fast track, we didn’t and the longest we had to wait on a ride was probably 15 minutes, sometimes a well deserved break in between!!

For more information on Siam Park please visit – SIAM PARK

Siam Park, Tenerife
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