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ninja-wheel #NInjaVerdict: Ultimate NInja Hotel Hacks

What are the ULTIMATE “hotel hacks” you use when you are off on your travels?

Most people know the more common ones, like:

  • Taking a multi-socket plug extension rather than many travel adaptors for all your electrical needs
  • Using your sink as a make shift ice box to keep drinks cold
  • Using coat hangers (with clips) to keep the curtains stuck together to keep out rays of light

BUT the NInja has scoured the internet to find you another 15 x KEY tips & tricks that will will help you on your next NInja travel holiday adventure!!

1. Plastic Envelope Files = Less Wrinkled Shirts
Concerned about keeping your shirts wrinkle-free in your suitcase? Neatly fold them into that square shape and pack them into a plastic envelope file and this will protect the shirt in your case meaning its ready to go for the wardrobe when you unpack upon arrival at your hotel

2. Laundry Sheets Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh
If you are travelling long-haul or away from your suitcase for a sustained period of time, why not add the a tumble dryer sheet to your bags – this will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean when you open it (and may be a bit better when you come home with all your worn and dirty clothes!)

3. Utilise the Hotel Laundry Bags for your Return Journey
Some hotels will have a cleaning / laundry service – but instead of using it while you are away, use the bag for your journey home by placing all your dirty clothes into this bag, separating it from the rest of your bags contents and cleaner clothes. Will make it easier to work out which clothes need cleaned when you get home

4. Keep Bathroom Mirrors Steam Free with a Bar of Soap
How annoying is it when you get out of the shower and your big bathroom mirror is completely steamed up and even a wipe doesnt clear it properly? Well simply rub a bar of soap (which will more than likely be sitting underneath it on the sink) across the mirror before you start the shower, then wipe it with a dry cloth / toilet roll – the mirror should be a lot clearer when you pull that curtain back after you have washed!

5. No Speaker? No problem!
You are in the hotel room getting ready for a night out, maybe even a couple of pre-drinks, but you want to listen to your tunes and the phone volume just doesnt quite cut it! All you have to do is stick the phone in an empty glass, OR cut a hole in an empty toilet roll holder and place the phone in (phone speaker face down) – your volume will instantly be amplified and you can dance and bop to your hearts content!

6. The DO NOT DISTURB sign is not just for when you are IN the room
Want your room to be untouched while you are out? Simply use the sign and most will likely assume that you are inside and leave the room in peace. Also, if you stick the sign ever so slightly in the door it will mean you will know if anyone has ACTUALLY been in the room if the sign is not exactly how you left it.

7. Key Cards for Electricity – ANY card works
A lot of hotels use a system where you have to use your key card in the slot at the door to turn on the electricity for the room – this reduces electric waste and costs for the hotel. However, did you know you dont HAVE to use your key card? Most cards in your wallet will do the same job, meaning that you can, for example, charge your devices while you are out at breakfast with the key card in your pocket and your Tesco Clubcard in the slot in the room!

8. Block Noise at Night With a Handy Towel
We’ve all been somewhere and at night things can get a bit loud – whether that be people arriving back late walking down hallways, or noise from other neighbouring rooms. But something as simple as laying / stuffing a towel down at the bottom of the front door should make a good difference! Maybe just remember to use a dirty or used towel though ….

9. Use and Abuse those Hotel Shower Caps
The complimentary toiletries in hotels can be used for many things – but the likes of the shower cap is one that is often overlooked. You have smelly shoes after a trip and dont have anything to pack them in on the way home? Use the shower cap and seal them tightly like a bag. Concerned about toiletries leaking on way home? Simply take off the cap and place the shower cap over the top before resealing and that will protect in case of leaks. Or even use it like a bag to wrap your creams, gels and toiletries in.

10. Use the Couch as DIY Bed for the Kids
If you are travelling and arrive at a hotel that doesnt have a suitable cot or bed for an infant or toddler, why not turn the couch or seat in the room around so its facing the wall allowing you to create a barrier that you can place children in … will buy you some time without worrying while you unpack and work out a slightly better solution anyway!

11. Pack HDMI Cable to connect to TV
If you have a laptop or device, you can easily connect to the tv in the room with an HDMI cable which means you can simply watch all your downloaded tv shows and movies on the tv – without having to pay for them, like so many hotel pay per view entertainment systems offer. Dont forget to lift the cable when you are leaving though! Similarly, bringing a fire stick/chrome cast to use will mean you have access to all your entertainment.

12. Charger Ports on TV
This is maybe my favourite trick that I’ve learnt while researching this article. How annoying is it when you are away and cant find a charger point / dont have enough charger ports / forgot your plug or travel adaptor to charge? Well most (if not all) tvs will actually have a USB socket on the tv – so you can simply connect your phone to the cable to the tv and voila your phone or device will charge for you!

13. Change of Clothes for Hotel Arrival 
Maybe more of a general travel “hack” but always worth considering packing a quick change of clothes + swimwear/bikini in your hand luggage (esp if you are travelling long haul) in the off chance that your suitcase or bags dont travel with you on the plane and dont make it to your hotel!

14. Pillow Cheats
Finding that optimum pillow height / depth that you are used to can sometimes be a challenge when you are staying at a hotel. However if you are finding that its not thick enough for you to place your head on, why not fold up some towels and insert them into the pillow case under the pillow to get that exact size you need! Also, sometimes worth changing the pillow covers when you arrive if you are worried about them not being clean enough or changed as regularly as you want!

15. Cups / Glasses for Toiletries
It can be worth bringing a simple cup to put all your toiletries in (if the hotel doesnt provide one in the bathroom on the shelf) – especially for all the makeup brushes, liners and things. Or why not bring a paper cup, turn it upside down, make a hole in the bottom and you will have somewhere to place your toothbrush without it touching any of the shelf area!